1. Constables

    Find out how to best reach the Constables of Maricopa County, and learn more about which justice precinct they serve.

  2. County Courts

    View more information about the courts of Maricopa County, including the Justice Courts, the Juvenile Courts, and the Superior Court.

  3. Medical Examiner

    Gather more information about the Medical Examiner of Maricopa County and learn how to contact their office.

  4. Office of Public Defense Services

    Explore the Office of Public Defense Services to find out which division will serve your needs best, and learn how to contact them.

  5. Public Fiduciary

    Individuals seeking guardianship, conservatorship, decedent services and court ordered investigations for vulnerable adults so that their estates and well-being are protected should contact the Public Fiduciary.

  6. Sheriff's Office

    Reach out to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office with your law enforcement needs and questions.