Electronic Document Review (EDR) Process

Electronic Review
  • Submit plans, check review status, and schedule inspections 24 hours a day
  • Confirm/validate which documents have been submitted and reviewed
  • Accessible throughout the lifecycle of your project from beginning to end
  • Permit information, submitted documents and comments all in one location

Why Electronic Document Review?

  • Complete the initial submittal process in a matter of minutes
  • Tailored to most projects, soon to include complex commercial and subdivision infrastructure
  • Coordinated document redlines and written comments from multiple County agencies
  • Can potentially reduce review cycles and response times
  • Eliminate the need to print multiple plan sets for application submittal and review
  • Save trips by completing most actions online

Customer Materials:

User Guides

EDR Initial Submittal User Guide

Digital Customer Checklist - Please use the checklist provided here and upload with your submittal documents.Digital Customer Checklist.docx