Restoration of Rights

Restoration of your rights is important to regain many important benefits including social security, educational assistance, child custody, state employment, the ability to serve in the military, your right to vote, and your right to serve a jury among many others. In some cases, your ability to obtain certain business and professional licenses will also be affected.
  1. Consequences for a Felony

    Felony convictions can affect Public Benefits such as housing, food stamps, educational assistance and worker’s compensation. The denial of benefits may be for a year to lifetime depending on the charge and the city where the person resides.

  2. Get Help to Restore Your Rights

    Pre-register for one on one help, download the application, get more information about restoring your civil rights to help with employment, weapons, voting and housing

  3. Restoration of Rights FAQs

    Find out what questions are most frequently asked regarding the restoration of civil rights and liberties, and learn the answers provided by the Office of the Public Advocate of Maricopa County.