The goal of Maricopa County's ergonomics program is to help create a work environment that is comfortable and efficient for County employees. Our ergonomic specialists review items such as the design and function of workstations, controls, displays, and lighting to fit an employee's physical requirements, capabilities, and limitations to ensure his/her health and well being.

Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem for many employees which is not always associated with a "bad chair." In fact, there are many reasons why individuals may experience back pain throughout their lifetime and often it is attributed to an individual's posture at their workstation.

Ergo Classes

Maricopa County employees are encouraged to take an Ergo class to learn how to prevent or relieve back discomfort and maintain a healthy posture. Elements of the class(es) include the following plus more.
  • Back Anatomy
  • Common Back Injuries
  • Exercises and Stretches
  • How to Maintain Proper Posture
Employees can check the TheHub for upcoming classes. 


How do you know if your work posture and work station is "ergonomically correct?" Take the Ergonomic Self-Assessment (PDF) now!

If, after taking the self-assessment, you are still having issues with your workstation, or are experiencing discomfort, complete the Ergonomic Request Form.

Ergonomic Benefits

Our Ergonomic Specialists can:
  • Perform work-site evaluations and studies.
  • Conduct individual ergonomic evaluations for workstation set-up.
  • Conduct training on topics including back safety and self-care.
  • Perform job analysis to determine potential injury or a high-risk problem job.
  • Consult with administration regarding ergonomic equipment/furniture.

Additional Information

For more information on Maricopa County's Ergonomic Program, contact Michael Rubino at 602-506-1913 or Ronda Moriarty at 602-372-1162.