Lost / Found Pet

What To Do If You Have Lost or Found A Pet

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  • Go to our Stray Animal map tool. The map allows our residents to actively post a location where a dog/cat was seen loose or where the animal was picked up from.
  • Check out the PetHarbor.com website. All animals we find are listed here. Keep in mind that any animals we bring in that do not have any identification (e.g. licenses or microchips), we can only keep for 72 hours as a "Stray - Hold". After that 72 hours, the animal may become available to the public.
  • Keep looking. Many pets are found by residents that may not bring the animal to a shelter for several days.
  • Post flyers in the neighborhood where the pet was lost. Ask schools in your area if you can post a flyer. Download our free Sample Flyer (PDF).
  • Use social media, Craigslist and other free networking sources to get the word out about your pet. Consider Straydar, Lost Dogs Arizona and other Facebook groups.
  • Call our Lost and Found Department at 602-372-4598.

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Tools to Find Your Lost Pet