Lost and Found Pets

We understand the worry that sets in when your furry friend goes missing, or the uncertainty of what to do if you find a pet without its owner. In either case, swift action is key. Think Lost…Not Stray! First and foremost, we encourage pet owners to come to the West shelter to look for their lost pet during business hours. Maricopa County offers guidance and resources to reunite people with their pets. Learn what steps you can take if you've lost or found a pet. If you need to report a different type of animal issue, you can do that here.

Lost A Pet Found A Pet Stray Animal Map

Lost A Pet

We’re sorry your pet is missing! We strongly encourage you to come to our West shelter located at 2500 S. 27th Avenue to search for your lost pet in person. We are open from 12-6pm on weekdays, and 12-5pm on weekends. You may also call our Lost & Found division at 602-372-4598. Someone will return your call in a timely manner.


Found a cat?

We do not impound lost/stray cats, but you can still help them reunite with their family by filling out this Found Pet Form.

Know who to contact first to report a lost dog

  • If the pet is wearing a Maricopa County tag, call 602-506-PETS and follow the prompts to retrieve the owner’s contact information. 
  • We strongly encourage you to use our online form to report a found dog. This will help us reunite the pet with their family. 
  • You may also call our Lost & Found division at 602-372-4598. 
  • If the pet is not wearing a Maricopa County tag, and you can safely contain the pet, call the appropriate agency below, to report it. An arrangement will be made to pick up the dog.
Avondale(623) 333-7012(623) 333-7001
Buckeye(602) 506-7387(602) 997-7585 ext. 2073
Chandler(602) 506-7387(602) 997-7585 ext. 2073
Fountain Hills(602) 506-7387(602) 997-7585 ext. 2073
Gilbert(602) 506-7387(602) 997-7585 ext. 2073
Glendale(623) 930-3212(602) 997-7585 ext. 2073
Goodyear(602) 506-7387(602) 997-7585 ext. 2073
Guadalupe(602) 506-7387(602) 997-7585 ext. 2073
Mesa(480) 644-2268(480) 644-2268
Paradise Valley(602) 506-7387(602) 997-7585 ext. 2073
Peoria(623) 773-8311(623) 773-8311
Phoenix(602) 506-7387(602) 997-7585 ext. 2073
Queen Creek(602) 506-7387(602) 997-7585 ext. 2073
Salt River PMC(623) 800-5427(623) 800-5427
Scottsdale(602) 506-7387(602) 997-7585 ext. 2073
Sun City(602) 506-7387(602) 256-1011
Surprise/El Mirage(623) 222-4000(623) 222-4000
Tempe(602) 506-7387(602) 997-7585 ext. 2073
Tolleson(602) 506-7387(602) 997-7585 ext. 2073

The Arizona Humane Society accepts all stray animals who are sick, injured, or abused. Please contact them directly at 602-997-7585.


Luna with family

Chip chip hooray!

Luna was missing from her family since October but is now back home! Her family says Luna escaped during a storm and they were devastated. Weeks, months passed, and eventually they moved to northern Arizona. Yesterday, our Field Officer got a call about a stray dog and scanned for a microchip—it was Luna! Not only did she have a registered microchip, her family also filed a lost pet report with us. We called them and they happened to be in the valley for the day! They couldn’t wait to see their girl.

“I believe in the Chip, 100%. This is living proof.”

Starlight with owner

Starlight's Story

10-year-old Starlight was brought into the shelter in mid-March. She was blind, a little timid, and mostly kept to herself. Then, Kammi saw her on social media and couldn't believe it--it was her mom's dog who went missing 5 years ago! She said her mom was inconsolable when she lost "Killa," and she never stopped looking for her. Sadly, her mom passed away two years ago. When Kammi came to the shelter, Killa smelled her and couldn't stop wagging her tail and giving her kisses! 

Kammi said Killa wasn't blind before she went missing, but she's ready to take on that challenge as long as it means having a piece of her family back home.

Layla with family

Layla's Story

A 13-year-old old Chihuahua named Layla came into our shelter as a stray on March 27th. At the time, we didn't know her name was Layla or that a family had been looking for her for TWO YEARS! And Layla soon learned, her family never gave up looking for her. 

Layla was not microchipped, but luckily her determined mom, Connie, scrolls through social media websites for lost pets every night, hoping Layla pops up. Sure enough, she saw a picture of Layla on our MCACC Field Officers Facebook page. 

Connie came to the shelter and the two immediately recognized each other! Layla is now microchipped and back home with her family.