Dust Control Training

You may need dust control training if your work involves dust-generating operations or the processing of concrete, asphalt, or rock products (including crushing or screening rock products). See our Do You Need Dust Control Training? webpage for more details.

All dust control certifications are valid for three years from the date of issuance. Newly-hired employees will be granted 60 days from their hire date to complete training and attain the applicable certification. The department will issue a digital certification identification card upon completion of the training. 

Maricopa County Air Quality Department utilizes a training website that is a customer-directed learning system. It brings together all of the department's dust control certification processes including class registrations, course training programs, and the distribution of dust control certification cards. 

Customers will be required to create an individual user account linked to their specific email address to get registered. After successfully creating a user account, customers can select and purchase the certification course that applies to their company's work operations and their specific job responsibilities.

The Maricopa County Air Quality Dust Control Training Website also provides the opportunity for customers to purchase and prepay for training credits to any of the dust control certification courses. These are pre-paid single use training credits that can be distributed to company employees or other industry professionals to assist with registering for the dust control training classes.

How to Register and Pay Class Fees

To sign up for a dust control certification course, please visit mcaqd.learningcart.com. In addition please review the Learning Cart Registration Instructions for additional step-by-step instructions on registering for a dust control training course.

General dust control training questions can be directed to AQTraining@maricopa.gov or call the department's training line at 602-372-1467.


  • Basic Class: $50
  • Comprehensive Class: $125
Page reviewed 29 December 2023