Licensing Your Dog

Why license your dog?

  • You have to by law. In Maricopa County, all dogs over three months of age are required to be licensed and have their rabies vaccination.
  • It registers you as the dog's owner. This enables us to help reunite you if your dog is lost.
  • If your lost pet is picked up and we are unable to quickly contact you, the first 24 hours at the shelter will be at no charge. Also, if a licensed dog bites someone, it may be eligible for home quarantine, rather than being quarantine in our facility or a veterinary hospital.

How to Get / Renew a License

What do I need?

  1. Completed Rabies Vaccination Certificate (if needed).
  2. Fee Payment. There is a $2.00 discount when licensing online.
    • Spayed/neutered dogs are $22 (Effective: July 1, 2019)
    • Unaltered dogs are $55
    • If owners are 65 years and older, fee is $10. (Dog must be altered.)

    Please note: Our web applications may not work properly with cellphones or tablets.

For Additional Information

Contact us online or by phone at 602-506-PETS