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Our foster program helps save lives by allowing us to provide specialized care for dogs and cats of all ages and conditions. Since it first began, our foster program has grown to provide alternative outlets and life-saving strategies for old, sick, injured, underweight, and behaviorally challenged dogs and cats. Each of our different foster opportunities (listed below) has been developed to help MCACC save even more lives.  

Whether it’s taking an otherwise overlooked pet and personally finding them an adopter, getting a sick pet healthy enough to be adopted, or caring for underage or underweight animals during their early stages of life until they are old enough for adoption, our foster parents provide compassionate care for a variety of dogs and cats. 

Current Needs

We are always looking for homes for our larger dogs (over 30 pounds). In the spring and early summer months, we are in need of foster families willing to feed orphaned bottle baby puppies and kittens as well as whelping mommas. Our foster opportunities for small dogs, highly adoptable dogs, and high-interest dogs are extremely limited as these animals are often adopted quickly from our shelter without the additional information or assistance needed for placement.  

Easy, Fast Foster Application!
To become a foster parent, review our available opportunities below for one that will best fit your schedule and abilities! Our Foster Handbook has even more information about our program and foster parent requirements. 

If you feel you are able to meet the requirements and needs of our Foster Program, fill out our easy, online application so that we can learn about you, your home, and your availability. Once submitted, you'll receive an automated email with a link to a video. After reviewing the video, you'll be asked to take a quick foster knowledge quiz (linked from video) and then we will contact you with the next steps.

Dog with Day Foster
  1. Day Foster
  2. Overnight Foster
  3. Medical Foster
  4. Behavior Foster

Our Day Fosters have the shortest time commitment of all of our foster opportunities! Think of your day foster outing as a doggy field trip! Give one of our beautiful, large dogs a break from the shelter for a few hours and go for a hike, out to lunch, or just hang out at home. 

For everyone’s safety, Day Foster dogs may not be introduced to personal pets and may not go to dog parks or other off-leash areas. Your dog may even catch the eye of someone you meet and can be adopted on the spot! 

Contact Us 

Questions about becoming a foster parent? Call our Foster Coordinators at 602-372-1158 or send an email to


The following resources can help improve your foster experience at MCACC. Review and refer back to these guides as often as needed.