What the MCESD Does With Spill Reports

The Spill Notification Report is used by the MCESD to:
  • Assess the criticality of the spill and determine what if any immediate actions are required by the MCESD in response to the spill.
  • Document the spill location and cause to determine if there is a pattern of repeated spills at a particular location or due to a specific cause.
  • Document the frequency and types of spills to determine if there may be operation or maintenance issues that need to be changed or new procedures implemented so as to prevent future spills.

Written Spill Report Use

The Written Spill Report is used by the MCESD to:
  • Document the remediation actions that occurred in response to the spill.
  • Perform a post mortem analysis of the root cause of the spill to determine if there is any systemic design, operations or maintenance issue(s) that need to be addressed. For example, is there an issue that requires re-design of sewer collection system infrastructure, is preventative maintenance being performed to address a corrosion problem, does a Fat, Oils and Grease (FOG) program need to be implemented by the utility?
  • Notify other utilities of discovered problems that may affect their infrastructure.
  • Incorporate ‘lessons learned' into the MCESD's Approval To Construct/Approval Of Construction plan review process so that new infrastructure will be designed to address observed design, operational and maintenance problems that resulted in spills.