Permitting Guidance


Burn Permit

Wood burning is regulated when pollution levels rise because the process of burning wood can produce fine particulate matter that can be harmful to your lungs. Visit our Burning page for more information on how to obtain a burn permit, burning activities, and to learn about our Burn Cleaner, Burn Better campaign.

Dust Control Permit

The department issues dust control (or earthmoving) permits when earthmoving operations disturb an area greater than one tenth of an acre of land (0.1 acre or 4,356 square feet). Earthmoving operations are activities that use any equipment that may generate fugitive dust. Some examples include blasting, cutting and filling, demolition, drilling, excavating, grading, leveling, trenching, and weed abatement by discing or blading. To obtain applications, visit our Permits, Forms, and Applications page and select Dust Control. 

General Permits

General Permits are for regulated sources and are an alternative to traditional permits. General permits simplify the process for authorizing an operation.

Non-Title V Permit

Non-Title V Permit are for regulated sources, such as graphic arts or surface coating operations, that are below Title V permitting emission thresholds.

Title V Permit

Title V is a federal program designed to standardize air quality permits and the permitting process for major sources of emissions across the country.



The Air Quality Department regulates all asbestos renovation and demolition within Maricopa County under the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP). Anyone performing demolition and/or renovation activities within the county must have the facility inspected and file a notification with the department prior to the demolition or renovation activity beginning. See the Asbestos section for more information.

Subcontractor Registration 

Subcontractors engaged in dust-generating operations at sites subject to a Maricopa County dust control permit are required to register with the county.

Tanker Truck Certification (Vapor Recovery)

All gasoline delivery trucks in Maricopa County must pass an annual pressure test, and results must be submitted to the Air Quality Department.


Dust Sources, Control and Training

Information on Dust Sources, Control and Training and the regulations that apply to each. 

Emission Reduction Credit Program

The Emission Reduction Credit program creates a consistent method for sources to generate ERCs for future use in offsetting emissions in nonattainment areas throughout Maricopa County.

Permit Engineering

Learn more about air quality permits and the Permit Engineering division, including contacts and Planning Area maps.

Performance Testing

Performance tests are conducted according to established procedures in order to quantify emissions and provide an objective means for determining compliance with established emission limits. See our Performance Testing page for more information.

Permit Intake and Kiosk Locations

A list of Permit Intake and Kiosk locations where permits can be submitted to the department. 

Page reviewed 10 June 2021