Imagery & Data Consortium


The Imagery and Data Consortium was started over 10 years ago to coordinate the purchase of Aerial photography among multiple county departments, municipal jurisdictions, state agencies, Native American communities, and private industry. Over the years, the goal of this Consortium has included the procurement and sharing of GIS data. Participating agencies can procure imagery services including aerial photography, oblique imagery, Lidar, Change Analysis (Building Footprints), Planimetrics, Street Level Imagery, Street Lidar, and 3D Models. In addition, these services and products are cost shared among all participates increasing the purchasing power of the collective as a whole and benefiting all County citizens. Within the group, participants coordinate on the type of data and imagery services that will benefit their respective agencies and the group. Furthermore, agency cooperation is vital to the selection of our vendor to ensure the quality of services provided, including consideration for which vendors can demonstrate emerging technologies.

If you would like to join the Consortium, please Contact us.

Current Vendor

Eagleview Pictometry

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