Contact MCACC

Main Phone Number: (602) 506-7387
Email: Call Center

Mary Martin, Director

Mary Martin
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Phone: (602) 506-8515

Jamie Rullo, Deputy Director

Jamie Rullo
Deputy Director
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Phone: (602) 506-5100

Holly Martz-Horner, Public Records

Holly Martz-Horner
Public Records
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Phone: (602) 506-2748

Ben Swan, Development Manager

Ben Swan
Development Manager
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Phone: (602) 506-3471

Samantha Wessel

Samantha Wessel
Volunteer Engagement Coordinator
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Phone: (602) 506-8133

Callie Best, East Shelter Manager

Callie Best
East Shelter Manager
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Phone: (602) 506-6032

John Reynolds, West Shelter Manager

John Reynolds
West Shelter Manager
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Phone: (602) 506-2744

Sheener Perry, Shelter Clinic Supervisor

Sheener Perry
Shelter Clinic Supervisor
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Phone: (602) 506-7239

Amber Romero, Field Enforcement

Amber Romero
Field Enformcement (East)
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Phone: (602) 506-2081

Chris Kunszt, Field Enforcement

Chris Kunszt
Field Enforcement (West)
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Phone: (602) 506-2768

Al Aguinaga, Shelter and Field Operations Manager

Al Aguinaga
Shelter and Field Operations Manager
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Phone: (602) 506-2737

Dr. Nicole Hilde
Chief of Surgery
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Dr. Nancy Mayer
Chief of Medicine
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Suzanne Fuqua, Animal Behavior Administrator

Suzanne Fuqua
Animal Behavior Administrator
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Phone: (602) 506-2742