Community Youth Mapping

MYMlogoCommunity Youth Mapping empowers and trains youth to map existing and potential opportunities for community involvement and activities for themselves and their families. During the summer of 2018, 27iStock-826212368 teens participated in a six-week community mapping project in the Maryvale neighborhood, a community in the west Phoenix area. The teens were guided by field supervisors as they conducted a block-by-block inventory of businesses and organizations in the community to identify health and social services, resources, and other opportunities available to youth and their families. The teens also surveyed community members to gather the community perceptions of the health and wellness of the community. The data collected by teens is available to use in order to better inform organizations working in Maryvale, as well as an opportunity to inform the community about gaps in youth services. The teen also participated in weekly enrichment days in order to develop skills in areas such as healthy relationships, stress management, teambuilding, and nutrition.

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iStock-186543885Are you a business or organization that serves youth and families in the Maryvale area and are looking for data on Maryvale? Contact us to get the data the youth collected. The youth collected two surveys, one from people in the community and one from businesses and organizations. The data is for anyone in the community to use in order to better inform services in the community.

Contact in order to receive the Excel files of the data.

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