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Health Equity Action Lab (HEAL)
September 27th and 28th at Gateway Community College

This action lab will follow a proven process to identify small goals that will create quick progress and impact while getting the community closer to its long-term goals. 

CHIP PriorityAccess to Care + Early Childhood DevelopmentAccess to Healthy Food
Initial Action Lab FocusConnecting veterans and their families who are homeless or at risk of being homeless to servicesConnecting individuals with food insecurity in South Phoenix to locally-grown produce that would otherwise go to waste
Ultimate CHIP Goals

By 2020, we will increase the number of providers by (# TBD) within (# TBD) of the lowest life expectancy zones in Maricopa County who are using a recommended Standard of Practice for closed-loop referrals to organizations addressing health-related social needs.

By 2023, we will increase the number of providers by (# TBD) and a minimum of 1 community-based organization for each health-related social need category, within (# TBD) of the lowest life expectancy zones that are utilizing a centralized closed-loop referral platform.

By 2023, we will add 100 food outlets offering locally-grown produce to residents in low-income, low-access areas in Maricopa County. 

Attendees have the option of registering for the full two days or for just the plenary on Thursday morning, which will educate attendees on the process and techniques of an action lab. All attendees will gain skills they can apply in their own work. 


General Meetings

In-person meetings of the Health Improvement Partnership of Maricopa County allow partners to:

  • share information, provide technical support, and exchange ideas;
  • promote cross-sectored networking and capacity-building; 
  • provide updates to ongoing community health improvement initiatives; and
  • identify opportunities for leveraging of resources through collaboration and reducing overlap in services and/or approaches. 

Free to attend and open to all community partners. Attendees are encouraged to join HIPMC to get full benefits

Want to host a meeting?

Hosting a HIPMC meeting is a great way to highlight your work to community partners. It also helps clients feel more confident being referred to you when the person they're working with has personal experience with your space and services. 

Email HIPMC for more information.  


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Meeting notes and materials are generally posted within one week of quarterly meetings. 

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