Mission, Vision and Values


The Mission of the Medical Examiner is to provide professional medicolegal death investigations of individuals dying under statutorily defined circumstances, the results of which are communicated independently to relevant agencies, industries, and members of the public so they can receive accurate, timely, and effective communications that enhance the public’s safety and health.


To be recognized as a trustworthy source of accurate, scientifically based assessments of deaths in our community by having certified practitioners perform industry-standard professional death investigations, in an industry-accredited organization.



We hold service to be the highest of values. We commit to effective, positive, ethical, and compassionate service to all members of the public and to one another.


We commit to being professional and courteous in all our interactions, both with the public we serve and with each other. We commit to being honest, ethical, and diligent -- to do our best. We commit to being personally accountable for our words and actions and to help cultivate an organization of integrity by expecting the same of others. We do the right thing, even when no one is watching.


We commit to being empathetic, both to the public we serve and to one another, to be mindful of our speech and actions and how they may affect others. We recognize that honest, kind communication, even in the face of conflict, is an act of compassion.


We recognize that our perspective is critical to our attitude and that realistic assessments do not require negativity. We commit to approaching challenges with a positive attitude.


We recognize that nothing is constant. We commit to seeing the positive in change, that it is an opportunity for improvement.


We recognize the critical importance of other members of our department and of those outside our department with whom we work – we all have a role to play on the team. We commit to cultivating a positive, collaborative, service and solutions-oriented environment by working together.


We recognize that we must speak and act within certain bounds, that in order to be effective as a team we must focus on doing our best in our role on the team. We commit to working diligently within the bounds of our roles, being mindful not to attempt to take on inappropriate roles or to judge or undermine those in other roles.