Audit Reports

Review reports of audit work performed by the Internal Audit department.

Report TitleRelease Date
2019 Sheriff’s Office - Bonds, Fines, and Court Order Processing (PDF)10/04/19
2019 Clerk of Superior Court - Fees and User Access (PDF)09/18/19
2019 Sheriff’s Office - Data Center (PDF)09/13/19
2019 Department of Transportation - Roadway Maintenance (PDF)08/14/19
2019 Adult Probation Department Accounting Standards Review (PDF)07/29/19
2019 Flood Control District - Intergovernmental Agreements (PDF)07/23/19
2019 Single Audit Reporting Compliance - Grant Subrecipients (PDF)06/27/19
2019 Human Resources - Employee Benefits (PDF)06/25/19
2019 Department of Emergency Management – Emergency Preparedness (PDF)
2019 Justice Courts Accounting Standards Review (PDF)06/06/19
2019 Risk Assessment Report (PDF)05/22/19
2019 Human Services - Workforce Development (PDF)04/09/19
2019 Office of the School Superintendent - REIL Program (PDF)03/06/19
FY2018 Citizens Financial Condition -  Infographic (PDF)02/28/19
FY2018 Citizens Financial Condition - Report (PDF)02/28/19
2019 Audit Recommendations Not Implemented Within One Year (PDF)01/30/19
FY2018 Internal Audit Annual Performance Report (PDF)12/20/18
2019 Air Quality - Compliance and Enforcement (PDF)11/14/18
2019 Recorder’s Office - Election Day Processes and Related Issues (PDF)11/02/18
2019 Legal Arizona Workers Act (PDF)10/04/18
2019 Recorder’s Office - Interim Report of Elections Review (PDF)09/21/18