Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory

The Maricopa County Air Quality Department prepared this community greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory to give city, town, and county leaders an understanding of the carbon footprint of their communities. By understanding the sources of greenhouse gas emissions, leaders can make operational decisions and implement voluntary programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within their communities. Businesses and individuals can also make personal choices to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Voluntary reductions in greenhouse gas emissions benefit everyone. When governments, businesses, and individuals reduce their carbon footprint, they also save money through reduced fuel, water and/or electricity costs. These changes also reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and nitrogen oxides (NOX), which are precursors to ozone formation. The MCAQD is working to reduce emissions of VOC and NOX to help Maricopa County attain the 2015 ozone standard.

This non-regulatory emissions inventory was prepared based on data that is publicly available, and other information that was provided voluntarily by industries that generate GHG. The final report shows that electricity use and vehicles are the primary sources of GHG emissions from residents, visitors, and businesses in Maricopa County.

Summary of Results

2018 Maricopa County GHG Emissions by Source Category 

Source Category

       Gross GHG Emissions
*MTCO2e                      Percent
Electricity Use
Mobile Sources
Stationary Fuel Combustion
Livestock (Cattle)
Solid Waste
Manufacturing (Fluorinated Gas Use)
Imported Water (Electricity Used)
Fertilizer Use

*Metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent

Maricopa County Greenhouse Gas Emissions By Source Category

Gross, Net, and Per Capita GHG Emissions

  • Total gross GHG Emissions 51,276,462 MTCO2e
  • GHG Reductions (Urban Forestry) 160,151 MTCO2e
  • Net GHG Emissions 51,116,312 MTCO2e
  • Per Capita Net GHG Emission 11.9 MTCO2e


Maricopa County 2018 Community Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory


Source Data for the Community Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory


For municipalities that want to reduce emissions: Examples of Emission Reduction Programs

For businesses that want to reduce emissions: EPA Center for Corporate Climate Leadership

Businesses that decide to reduce emissions voluntarily should contact the MCAQD to determine if the changes are eligible for Emission Reduction Credits.


If you have any questions about the 2018 GHG Emission Inventory Report, please call 602-506-6790 or email Emissions Inventory:

Page reviewed 30 March 2023