COVID-19 Vaccine - Phase 1A

Phase 1A Situation Update 1/11: 

  • PHASE 1A CONTINUES:  All remaining Phase 1A individuals who are interested in vaccination can continue to register along with Phase 1B prioritized starting today, Jan. 11th. There is no separate prescreen form to fill out going forward. Find available vaccination appointments here.
  • PRESCREENED AND WAITING TO HEAR FROM US?: If you have questions about the status of a 1A prescreen form you previously filled out, an appointment already scheduled, questions about scheduling your second dose, or otherwise please Contact Us.
  • PREPARE FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT: Please bring two things to your vaccine appointment: 1) your appointment confirmation email, and 2) a form of ID confirming your healthcare employment, such as a work ID or paystub. Please be sure to check your appointment time and do not drive to a site as a walk-in. Pre-screening registration and appointments are required.

Healthcare Workers and EMS

On Dec. 1st, the CDC Advisory Council on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted to approve the recommendation of frontline healthcare workers and long-term care facility staff & residents as priority groups to receive initial doses of vaccine once it is approved by the FDA.

Per ACIP, health care workers are paid and unpaid persons serving in healthcare settings who have the potential for direct or indirect exposure to patients or infectious materials. For Phase 1A, this includes individuals providing patient care in settings such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Long-term care facilities*
  • Emergency medical services
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Home health care
  • Pharmacies
  • Public health
  • Education (e.g., school nurses and healthcare personnel)

*Through the Pharmacy Partnership for Long-term Care Program, CDC has engaged retail pharmacy partners (CVS and Walgreens) to secure vaccine and provide on-site vaccination of residents, at no cost to the facility. Skilled Nursing Facilities residents and staff will receive the vaccine first followed by Assisted Living and other adult congregate settings. Note: Healthcare workers in these settings interested in receiving vaccine should first check with their employer to see if they will be vaccinated through this program.

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Make An Appointment

Due to the initial limited supply of COVID-19 vaccine, Maricopa County is partnering with local healthcare systems and municipalities to operate five drive-through Point of Dispensing (POD) sites across the county. This allows us to vaccinate as many people as possible in a safe and efficient manner. All Maricopa County regionally operated POD sites are operated by certified medical staff and volunteers.

If you already submitted the 1-A prescreen form and were eligible but haven't heard from us, or haven't been able to schedule your appointment after receiving an email invite to do so, please see 1A instructions for prioritized scheduling prior to Jan. 11th.

Starting Jan. 11th, healthcare workers from Phase 1A and prioritized Phase 1B groups will be able to register and search for any available appointments that are not already filled by prioritized healthcare personnel at POD(s). A link to a new vaccination scheduling page will be available on the COVID-19 vaccine homepage starting at 6 a.m. Jan. 11th.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When using the ADHS Vaccine Registration System, please review these troubleshooting tips:

  • Check your spam folder. If you indicated your primary work location on your prescreening survey to be in the Southeast or Southwest Valley areas, you will schedule your vaccine appointment using the ADHS Vaccine Registration site. Many appointment invites appear to be going to people’s “bulk” mail folders such as the promotions, spam or other. Please look for an email from "".
  • The ADHS appointment system works best on Chrome or Firefox browsers and on a desktop computer. Mobile and tablet devices currently are not supported.
  • Once your email is verified, DO NOT use any links in prior emails to access the appointment system. Once you have verified your email and you have your verification code, do not click on the link in your original invite or it will reset your profile. Try hitting refresh on your browser and go to:
  • Need help? See step-by-step instructions in ADHS Guide to POD Appointment Setting [only for participants who have been confirmed as eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccine to make an appointment at the SE (Chandler) and SW (Goodyear) PODs]  To speak with someone, call  ADHS Tech Support: 602-542-1000 or email

  • When searching for a POD site:
    • Search by date, not by POD ZIP code
    • If an appointment is not appearing for the date you wanted, please select another date, that day may be booked.
    • After selecting your appointment date, please scroll to the bottom to confirm and book your appointment.
    • You will receive an email confirming your appointment

If you continue to have issues with the appointment system, please Contact Us and our staff will follow-up with you.

If you have completed your pre-screening, thank you! Please know that you are on the list to receive a vaccine appointment and there is no need to fill out this form again. We are currently in the process of sending daily notifications to schedule appointments as we work through the pre-screen list. With thousands of submissions, please know that it may, and probably is, taking a little time for you to receive your appointment notification.

Please know that it is Maricopa County’s highest priority to ensure you have a seamless vaccination experience and we ask that you please be patient as we ramp up our operations. We understand it has been a long year for all of us and we are doing our very best to provide a little light at the end of this tunnel as soon as possible.

When you fill out the form, it will ask for your employer. Type the name of your employer. Many people work for a large employer with multiple locations. If that is the case, select the specific location where you work. Otherwise, select “OTHER” and select the ZIP code of your primary work site.

The vaccine is distributed based on location of your primary work site. Please check with your employer, or the county in which you work, about when and how the vaccine will be distributed.

There are no specific data on the safety of COVID-19 vaccines in pregnant women from clinical trials. If you are part of a group (e.g., healthcare personnel) who is recommended to receive a COVID-19 vaccine and are pregnant or breastfeeding, you may choose to be vaccinated. A discussion with your healthcare provider can help you make an informed decision. Read more on COVID-19 and pregnancy.

Defer vaccination until the isolation period has ended to avoid exposing healthcare personnel or other persons during vaccination visit. The CDC says “Vaccination should be deferred until recovery from acute illness (if person had symptoms) and criteria have been met to discontinue isolation.”

If you have recovered from a prior case of COVID-19, you are still eligible to get the vaccine. Guidance from the CDC indicates that “vaccination should be offered to persons regardless of history of prior symptomatic or asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection.”

Because prioritization is based on exposure and risk, Phase 1A eligibility is reserved for those who are currently employed in healthcare/EMS and/or work in a healthcare or long-term care setting.

If you are employed as a healthcare worker or work in a healthcare setting you are eligible for Phase 1A. Because we may not immediately have enough vaccine for all healthcare personnel who need or want one, prioritization will be given to those healthcare workers who are highest risk of exposure to patients with COVID-19 or providing direct patient care to patients with COVID-19. Please be patient as we assess the need and ensure that our most vulnerable healthcare workers are given first priority to schedule appointments.

Yes. Prioritization will be given to those healthcare workers who are highest risk of exposure to patients with COVID-19 or providing direct patient care to patients with COVID-19. When you fill out the form, put in the name of your employer when asked. Your specific work location may not be listed if you work in a smaller medical office. Select “Other” and put in the ZIP code of where you work. Select the OCCUPATION / JOB ROLE that best fits your situation. If none fit, select "Other."

Dentists and oral healthcare providers (including staff) are eligible and should complete the prescreening survey. Although direct exposure to COVID-19 patients may be low or never, if an individual works in a healthcare setting where there is direct patient care provided and risk of exposure, he or she is eligible and should be prescreened.

Please defer vaccination and check with the administrators of the research study first to ensure you will not compromise results of the research.

  • Because the supply of COVID-19 vaccine in the United States is expected to be limited at first, CDC recommends that initial supplies of COVID-19 vaccine be allocated to healthcare personnel and long-term care facility residents.  
  • In future phases, vaccine will be prioritized for essential workers, law enforcement, teachers, and those with high amount of risk and exposure as identified and defined by the CDC. 
  •  The goal is for everyone to be able to easily get vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as large enough quantities are available. Once vaccine is widely available, the plan is to have several thousand vaccination providers offering COVID-19 vaccines in doctors’ offices, retail pharmacies, hospitals, and federally qualified health centers.  

All second doses should ideally be scheduled at the same registration site that you received your first dose given availability:

  • If you received your first dose at the North Phoenix location run by Honor Health - please log into your MyChart portal to schedule your second dose or request assistance.
  • If you received your first dose at either the Fairgrounds or Banner Del Webb location a second dose appointment was made at your first appointment, please call 1-833-509-0908 for assistance in scheduling.
  • If you received your first dose at either the Abrazo West location in Goodyear or the Dignity location in Chandler, the second dose events are still being finalized. You should receive an email inviting you to schedule your second dose the week of Jan. 4th.

Maricopa County is working with our health system partners, retail pharmacies and other vaccinators to establish vaccination events and access points to provide second doses to individuals who cannot get their second dose at PODs.

While the goal for second dose administration is as close as possible 21 days, the second dose appointment may be made later than 21 days. According to ACIP/CDC recommendations, the second dose should be administered as close to the recommended interval as possible; however, there is no maximum interval between the first and second dose for either vaccine.

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About the Vaccine

Safety is a top priority in delivering a COVID-19 vaccine. Once a company develops a vaccine, it must go through a rigorous scientific testing process before it can be submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA independently reviews the information from these tests to make sure the vaccine is safe and works well, and then decides whether the vaccine can be licensed and made available to the public.

According to clinical trial data reviewed by the FDA, the most commonly reported side effects, which typically last several days, are pain at the injection site, tiredness, headache, muscle pain, chills, joint pain, and fever. Of note, more people experienced these side effects after the second dose than after the first dose, so it is important for vaccination providers and recipients to expect that there may be some side effects after either dose, but even more so after the second dose.

Please see the vaccine safety sheets below for important information about vaccines currently approved for emergency use by the FDA. You will receive information about what vaccine you've received when you're vaccinated so that you can schedule your second dose from the same manufacturer 3 to 4 weeks after your first dose. Vaccines are not interchangeable.

After a vaccine is authorized for use, multiple safety monitoring systems are in place to watch for possible adverse events. If an unexpected serious adverse event is detected, experts work as quickly as possible to determine whether it is a true safety concern.

For additional information:

Vaccine Records

You will receive a vaccination record that shows which vaccine you received and when so you are able to track which vaccine you need for your second dose and when you will need to receive the second dose. 

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Vaccinating Long-Term Care Facility Residents & Staff

Through the Pharmacy Partnership for Long-term Care Program, CDC has engaged retail pharmacy partners (CVS and Walgreens) to secure vaccine and provide on-site vaccination of residents and staff at no cost to the facility. Skilled Nursing Facilities residents and staff will receive the vaccine first, followed by Assisted Living and other adult congregate settings.

Facilities that are not part of the pharmacy program can submit their information to MCDPH to request alternative support for vaccinating staff and residents.

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Future Planning for Other Phase 1 Populations

The Arizona Vaccine and Antiviral Prioritization Advisory Committee (VAPAC) met Dec. 28th to make its recommendations PDF   PDF    PDF  PDF for prioritization of vaccine to populations beyond 1A in Arizona.   This built upon previously released recommendations by the CDC's ACIP COVID-19 Vaccines Work Group.  Read how Arizona's vaccine will be allocated in the coming phases to prioritized groups here

Potential COVID-19 Vaccine Prioritization Opens in new window

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Have Questions?

If you have general questions about COVID-19 vaccine, please see our FAQs. If you have specific questions related to the pre-screening process for Phase 1A, please Contact Us.

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