115th Avenue/117th Avenue Corridor Improvement Study

The Maricopa County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) is conducting a planning study of 115th/117th Avenue from Williams Drive to Jomax Road. The purpose of this study is to identify potential short and long-term improvements along the corridor to address concerns and accommodate both existing and future development.

TP026 115th Ave CIS Updated Map 100622


Key Milestone Completion Date Status
Existing and Future Conditions May 2022 Complete
Alternatives Evaluation September 2022 Complete
In-Person Public Open House October 18, 2022
Preferred Alternative and Final Report December 2022 Complete

Questions? We want your input. 

For any questions regarding the 115th Avenue/117th Avenue Corridor Improvement Study, please contact MCDOT Planning via email at MCDOTPlanning@Maricopa.gov or phone at (602) 506-4889. 

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