How are approvals made?
Approvals are made on a case-by-case basis depending on the characteristics of a particular project. When a project is initially submitted for approval it is reviewed by Water and Wastewater Treatment Program engineering staff. Find issues on which the review is primarily focused.

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1. What is the difference between an approval and a permit?
2. What types of approvals are issued by the Water and Wastewater Treatment Program?
3. When is an approval required?
4. How are approvals made?
5. What are approval certificates?
6. Why are there stipulations on the approval certificates?
7. What other types of approvals and permits may be required by other regulatory agencies?
8. Will I need to submit copies of permits issued by other regulatory agencies?
9. When can I start construction on my project?
10. How long do I have before I must start construction of my project?
11. How long do I have to complete construction of my project?
12. Is the approval still valid if construction of my project has been halted?
13. Can I renew an expired approval certificate?
14. When can I start-up my facility or system?