What types of supervised practice experiences are offered by the AZ WIC Internship Track?
Our Arizona Women, Infants, Children (WIC) Dietetic Internship Track, for an annual class of 6 interns, consists of 32 weeks of supervised practice with an additional 13 weeks working at the local WIC Agency. The Arizona WIC Track begins in mid-August and will be completed by the first week of July. Interns participating in this track will be exposed to a wide variety of nutrition services from metropolitan and rural areas of Arizona. Opportunities are provided to interact with individuals and groups from multi-ethnic backgrounds representing all ages and levels of education. Clinical, food and nutrition management, community and specialty experiences offered will challenge interns to integrate knowledge gained from dedicated study with opportunities for practice and application.

Practice sites for the Arizona WIC Track Dietetic Internship will be determined based on the geographic location of the candidates selected and availability of rotation sites. Travel to areas around the state will be required for some rotations.

Because of the great diversity among the residents in Maricopa County, interns able to speak Spanish are highly valued by the rotation sites. However, the ability to speak Spanish is not a requirement for admission into the internship program.

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5. What types of supervised practice experiences are offered by the AZ WIC Internship Track?
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